My name is Monica Merrill, I am the wife of a wonderful and loving husband and the mother of 4 beautiful children. I work full time as a Pharmacy Technician and I am just beginning my journey as an Independent Consultant for PartyLite.

As I am sure many of you probably know, PartyLite revolves around the idea of, well….a party! I am new to the concept of PartyLite, but I love to cook , decorate, and craft. The thought occured to me that it would be helpful bring all of this together in one place.  Whether you are planning to host a party or you are the consultant, it is my hope that you can find everything here that you will need to make it great, including: recipes, recipe reviews, crafts, decorations, display ideas and much more.

I am also an avid couponer. I love to hunt for great deals and see just how much money I can save. Sure, I do this to save my family money, but to me it is also a hobby.  It makes me giddy like a school girl when I get something dirt cheap or even FREE, and while couponing may not be directly related to party planning, I am sure everyone can stand to save a buck or two. If I find a great deal, you may just find it here as well.

It is my hope to meet a lot of new people and hopefully make some friends along the way while I blog about everything you can imagine that goes into a great party (or a coupon deal) .

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