Make Your Own: Body Wash

I am so excited to be making my first Around The House post. I finally got around to trying a recipe for homemade body wash and I am thrilled to be sharing the results with you.

Here is what you will need:

3 Bars of Soap, I used Dial for Men

Approximately 12-13 cups of water

I shredded my 3 bars of soap in the food processor and then emptied it into a stock pot. I initially only add about 2 cups of water because I learned the hard way that soap expands when it gets heated. If you don’t want liquid soap all over your stove and your floor, be careful about how much water you put in to start with.

I melted the soap over medium heat while stirring pretty much continually, mostly because I don’t know if the soap will burn or who knows what else. Once the soap was melted, I removed it from the heat, added the rest of the water and stirred it a bit. I then covered the pot and left it until morning.

The soap was a bit hardened but I just mixed it with a whisk to break it up and then mushed it with my fingers until it was a good consistency. This recipe did come out a little bit “snotty” but the integrity of the soap seems great. It lathers well and washes clean.

I think next time I may experiment with adding glycerin, or I may try Jillee’s Idea of just sticking with Dove soap which she says comes out great because of all of the moisturizers.

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of this project. I ended up with about 123 ounces of body wash. Those of you who know anything about me know that I am an avid couponer. After this, I may become reformed. You can get 24 ounces of body wash for around $1 to $1.50 when couponing. This recipe got me 24 ounces of body wash for $.56 or about 2.3 cents an ounce! I originally paid $2.79 for the 3 bars of soap and here is where the couponer in me comes out. I paid regular price for this soap (which kills anyone who is a true couponer) If I had couponed for the soap, the bottom line would have been even lower and I would probably be doing a happy dance 🙂

Just look at all the bottles I filled with my homemade body wash! Just 2.3 cents an ounce and I have recycled these plastic containers as well!