Nature Inspired Frosted Votive Holders

Aren’t these just the cutest things? So simple, so elegant, so inexpensive. Gardenmama’s Tutorial

You could easily fill these with water and float a tealight, or simply use a votive candle for an equally appealing look.

Flower Tea Light Centerpiece

This arrangement is absolutely adorable and would make a great addition to any host display or easter table alike.  Think of the endless possibilities of color, style, and flower not to mention the different holidays you could easily adapt this to. A great big thanks to Good Housekeeping for this great design.

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Nature Inspired Candle Holder


Any Size Candle Holder with Flat Sides

Craft Adhesive- For Wood and Glass Surfaces

Garden Pruners

Dry Tree or Shrub Branches

Step 1.

Wash the candle holder with dish soap and dry well. Cut the branches down to sticks close to the height of the candle holder, it is best to cut a few at a time.

Step 2.

Dab the glue on a stick making sure to hit the areas that will be flush to the glass. Place on the glass.  You can do a few at a time and then hold until they won’t slide off before you rotate the holder.

Step 3.

Repeat until all of the glass has been covered. As always, if using a candle holder do not leave these unattended! Isn’t the end result just magnificent?

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