PartyLite: Grand Opening and Giveaway Ends 4/29

It’s me again! I hope everyone is having a fine Thursday afternoon. I for one am glad this week is winding down. Some days, in fact a lot of days,  I wish my teenagers were still in diapers because things were so much simpler then.

Before I get started on my nightly routine I thought I would drop a short line. I am planning to make Ree’s Salisbury Steak and Mashed Potatoes for dinner. It will be my first attempt at the recipe and I am very excited to see how it comes out. (Plus, I’m starving!)

A couple of reminders for weeks end:

PartyLite Grand Opening

I am working very hard at getting my own business off of the ground. My first step is to earn my business kit. You can help by simply placing an order and spreading the word! The GREAT news is, the brand new SUMMER catalog has arrived! Plus, there are some AWESOME guest specials during the month of April. Prices are as low as $3 and every little bit helps 😉

Lets get this virtual party started! The aroma of  Two Sisters Gourmet Beer Bread and fine PartyLite fragrance fill the air, all this party needs is you! Come on in and enjoy!

GIVEAWAY! PartyLite Clearly Creative Tea Light Holder!

  I  am offering up this Tea Light Holder for Giveaway. The guidelines and the Entry Form are located here . This is an incredibly versatile piece. You can fill it with anything you want which makes it suitable for any event or occassion! Top it all off with a tea light candle and pull together a beautiful and elegant display. This piece retails for $20.00  and would be a great bonus for anyone interested in entering. I am also offering a votive candle  giveaway as part of the same giveaway, you may want to check that out as well.

The Grand Opening party and the Giveaway will both end on Sunday 4/29/12. Following are instructions for placing an order. It is necessary to follow these steps so that I get credit for your order.

Just visit PartyLite Online and follow these instructions
  • Click Look Up Host
  • Enter my Name, Monica Merrill
  • Click Monica M
  • Happy Shopping!

*ENDED*Giveaway! PartyLite Clearly Creative Tealight Holder


I am so excited to offer a PartyLite Clearly Creative Tealight holder for my first giveaway! The tealight holder above is what the winning entrant will receive along with a tealight candle (decorative items not included).

This tealight holder normally retails for $20.00. Having this on hand will be really great because it is completely versatile, so you are really getting a gorgeous candle holder that you can make unique to fit any ocassion. You can fill it with candy, flowers, Easter eggs, or just about anything you can think of. You can even use it as a bubble vase!

Here are a few decorative ideas:

To Qualify for an entry to this giveaway,  you can complete any of the following tasks.

  1. Book a party, and don’t worry about location, parties can be hosted completely online. Check out the Host Rewards.
  2. Inquire about how you can start your own business and make money with PartyLite. 2 Choices for ZERO start up cost!
  3. Refer a friend who books a party or inquires about starting their own business.
  4. Purchase $10 in PartyLite product toward my show for 2 entries.
  5. Purchase $5 in PartyLite product toward my show for 1 entry.
  6. Refer a friend who purchases $10 in PartyLite product toward my show for 2 entries. Check out the Guest Specials starting at just $3.
  7. Purchase $50 in PartyLite product toward my show for 10 entries. Plus when you purchase $50 in PartyLite product, you qualify for 1/2 off any item from the NEW Summer or Winter/Spring Catalog!
*For a chance to win a PartyLite Votive Candle:
  • Like Cupcakes And Candles on Facebook
  •  Tweet about this Giveaway
  •  Follow Cupcakes and Candles Blog
  •  Refer a friend who completes any of these 3 tasks.

To make a qualifying purchase, please visit PartyLite Online and follow these instructions
  • Click Look Up Host
  • Enter my Name, Monica Merrill
  • Click Monica M
  • Happy Shopping!

You may qualify for as many entries as you would like. I will need to be able to confirm that you have completed your selected task. Please fill out the contact form below only ONE time and add the details relevant to your task or tasks in the comment box. If you have placed an order, please indicate that in your comment with your full name. If you have referred a friend who has placed an order, booked a party or inquired about becoming a PartyLite consultant, I will need their full name as well. Good Luck Everyone!