Cupcake Centerpiece!

I can’t believe somebody actually made a cupcake centerpiece! Shelley over at How Does She has a great tutorial on how to make this ever so cute Cupcake and Candle Centerpiece 🙂  Thanks Shelley!

Simple Yet Elegant Camelia Centerpiece

Photo Credit:

The Bewildered Gardener

Bubble Vase Tower Centerpiece

Here is another beautiful idea for a centerpiece. There are so many possibilities. I would totally fill these with water and float candles in them in addition to the flowers.  You could even put a pillar in the middle of the vase and surround with flowers. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination 😉

Tea Light in a Mason Jar

I am always looking for new ideas on how to display candles. I happened to think this was really cute.  Denise at I love this and that has all of the directions for this Candle in a Bottle.  The thing I like about this is that you don’t really need much.


Reading Book Paper


Glass Jar or Bottle


Rope or Ribbon

Tea Light Candle

Are you in need of wax? PartyLite has a special going on right now where you can get 3 Dozen Tea Lights of your choice for just $25!

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Fruit Slices and Fresh Flower Pitcher

This arrangement is so darn clever. I have seen and posted many different sorts of arrangements in jars and vases, but this I have not seen.

I have been wondering with some of the pictures I have seen just how they get those fruit slices to stay so beautifully arranged.  In this picture, you can clearly see the glass in the middle. Now that is genius.

PartyLite has the perfect pitcher for just this project

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Centerpiece: Bubble Vase with Mirror

I just love these bubble vases, don’t you? This one is very interesting with the mirror underneath, which is something I hadn’t thought of before. I am not so sure about the beads outside of the vase. I would think this would be much prettier with the beads and water inside with the addition of a floating tealight. I think the glow on the mirror would be really pretty.

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Elegant Lemons and White Flower Centerpiece

Just Beautiful!

Please share your ideas and inspiration 😉

I would love to see this surrounded by some floating tea lights perhaps with some beads and/or some of those flowers in the jar.

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Exotic Flower Swirl Centerpiece

This centerpiece is very cute and elegant in my opinion. I probably would have gone for yellow beads in the bottom to make this really pop.

I love how a simple picture like this can create so much inspiration. Please feel free to share your thoughts on what this inspires you to create.

I would personally love to see yellow beads, some water and a white tea light floating in the middle or perhaps even a tapered candle coming through the center of that swirl. I think that would really beautify this display.

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Orchids in a Tower Centerpiece















I am amazed yet again by a brilliant mind other than mine. This is by far one of the most ingenious ideas I have come across.

I want to float some tealights of different coordinating colors in the middle bowl, I think that would make this arrangement even more gorgeous!

Even a pillar would look great in the top bowl in my opinion.

Endless possibilities once again!

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Gorgeous Pink Roses and Limes Centerpiece

Gorgeous absolutely says it all here. The limes go together so well with the color of the roses, it’s just amazing.  Again there are endless possibilities here, but this one is just awesome.

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Mason Jars