Cranberry Mason Jar Centerpiece

This is yet another very simple, tasteful and inexpensive display using a mason jar. It seems to me this would be quite perfect for Christmas, however, change the flower or the berry or even the fruit used and you have a perfect centerpiece for any occasion.

Mix or Match Fragrances: 3 Dozen Tealights for just $25 or 3 Dozen Votives for just $35

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Daisy and Lemon Mason Jar Centerpiece

It just amazes me these days how many wonderful ideas I am coming across. This is just another example of how something so simple and inexpensive can create something just elegant. Don’t forget to imagine the endless possibilities that can be created from this one simple idea.

Happy Creating!

Photo Credit: Austin Taylor Events

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Mix or Match your choice of 3 Dozen tealights for $25 or 3 Dozen Votives for $35.

Mason Jar Centerpiece

What a beautiful use of a tea light candle!  The possibilities here are endless, from the color of the glass beads, the tea light, the material used to tie the bow, and even the color of the jar, this can easily be made to fit any occasion!

For the party consultant, what a wonderful way to show an awesome use for a tea light candle.

Mix or Match 3 Dozen Tealights $25 or 3 Dozen Votives for $35

Photo Credit: I Share Crafts

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