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How many businesses can you start at no cost? We know one.

You have 3 choices to get started your way.
(The first two get you up and running with no out-of pocket expenses.)

Make the Money You Want, When You Want

How much are we talking here? Well, there’s no limit, but on average, 1 party + 1 online order per week = $350 a month in your pocket.

Your Business, Your Way

Monthly Profits Chart

*Based on an average two-hour Party with sales of $350 and average online orders of $50. Sales can come from Parties, online shopping, fundraisers or other activities. Monthly profit includes bonus include of 32% with sales of $2,000 or more.

Start Earning Right Away

  • 25% profit on sales
  • Earn additional 7% profit when monthly sales are $2,000+

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