My pursuit of “Happiness”

Happiness can be defined as enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment.

I used to think I exuded happiness, after all, I am happy to have a loving husband and 4 healthy children, a gift many won’t ever receive. I finally found the house of my dreams and I am so happy to be living here. I am happy with my job and truly happy to have a job, something many others don’t have.  Plus, I work at home, who wouldn’t love that?  Though I can cite many things that I am happy about and even grateful for, am I really, truly and completely “happy”?

My husband had said  to me the other day, ” we are just surviving”!  (Survival: the continuation of life or existence.) It really got me thinking about things, maybe he is right, maybe we really aren’t living in a state of well-being and contentment.  OK, we needed something more, but what?

As I pondered what he had said and thought about what changes we could make to move toward this sort of whole contentment, it occurred to me that perhaps the once perfect 2 incomes per family just wasn’t sufficient these days.  This brought me to the shocking realization that maybe one or even both of us would need to get a second job.  I quickly realized this was not going to make us any happier; while we would have more money, when would we have time to do anything fun with it?

After a lot of thought and trying to talk myself out of it, I decided to try direct sales with PartyLite to see if I could generate the extra income that would bring more fun and hopefully true happiness to our lives without spending a ton of time away from the house and my family. I thought it would be interesting to document this adventure here, so I could look back and not only see what was successful and what wasn’t, but also to remember the journey….hopefully to happiness 😉

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